Kamis, 12 September 2013

People Come, People Go...

Today, I randomly missing people. One of my best.
I hate missing anyone. It really hurts bad at times. It's like at the point of time in your life you have shared a beautiful time with that person and you know that those days will never return.

No matter how much we don't like to admit it, but a few people can make a big impact in our lives, but then they go away just like that.; a best friend, friends, a lover, an inspiring person, a family member, partner, anyone of them... As much as we may wish it weren't so, the fact said that " People Come and People Go"

Someone that we have loved with all of our hearts, one day can quite literally vanish from our live. Simple circumstances can make can take a bestfriend, people we loved, and our partner go away from our live. never be seen again.

That's sad. But, That's Life.

I just wondering If the people that get away from our lives will come again and doing the same things when we are together in a sweet memories. Will it be?